Construction Youth Trust, supported by members of the Maddie Rose Campaign Steering Group, are developing a range of resources bespoke to the Supplier and Merchanting sector to support inspirational youth engagement.

Designed and piloted with the support of industry professionals, the sessions are designed to create an easy blueprint that anyone can pick up and use to deliver engaging sessions in schools and with young people.

Maddie's Day Resources


Maddie Rose Day is a fantastic opportunity to showcase all the incredible work the campaign has achieved so far, as well as spread awareness of the cause and how people can get involved. We are encouraging organisations in the Supplier and Merchanting sector and the wider construction industry, to show their support for the campaign by populating their social media platforms and adopting the Maddie Rose Campaign logo and brand colour of yellow on their social media platforms on the 22nd of September. You can find all the information you need in our Communications Pack, including branding, logos and suggested content you can post in the lead up to Maddie’s Day.

An Introduction to Hidden Careers in the Supplier and Merchanting sector

This session acts as an exciting introduction to the breadth of careers available in the Supplier and Merchanting sector. Over a 50 minute session, young people attempt to guess the careers of 5 industry professionals who work in a variety of different Supplier and Merchanting careers. Young people turn detective as they interview each professional in groups, asking yes-or-no questions to glean as much useful information as they can in 5 minutes to successfully guess the correct career. At the end of the session, during the ‘Career Reveal’ each volunteer will disclose their roles as well as highlight their own career journey. For ages 11-16.

Negotiation Skills Resource Pack

This session looks to explore skills used in hidden construction and built environment careers, tapping into the world of business, selling and money! The session is designed to support students to explore the different modes of negotiation , understand how they naturally use negotiation in their day to day lives before putting their skills into practice within a world of work scenario.
For ages 14 – 16.

These resources have been provided as a guide to support an organisation’s own youth engagement and the delivery of these sessions is down to the individual company’s discretion and management, including the assessment of any safeguarding risks/issues.