Working with our corporate partners

Our mission is to inspire and support the next generation to overcome barriers and achieve their full career potential by connecting young people directly with employers, careers and opportunities in the construction and built environment sector. The fantastic support we receive from our industry partners – both financial and in-kind – is the backbone of Construction Youth Trust (CYT). We are so grateful to the hundreds of corporate partners who make our work possible. 

Communications frequently asked questions

Publicising our work together

Your support of Construction Youth Trust and the Maddie Rose Campaign is important to us and we want to celebrate and share the success of our partnership with industry as much as we can! We hope these questions are helpful. 

Can corporate partners talk about your support of, or involvement with, CYT and the MCR in our corporate marketing, publicity or social media? 

The short answer is yes please, so long as your communication relates directly to the CYT/MCR activity your company has supported or is involved in (e.g. volunteering, grant/donation made, fund-raising event in aid of CYT) and does not cause harm to the reputation of the charity.

How might CYT publicise your corporate support or involvement in CYT/ MCR activities?

CYT may name-check individual partners in our news items about current activities e.g. on social media, in our newsletter or website, or in a project-based case study. This kind of communication will be based on purely factual information and will be linked to a specific project, event or activities. 

CYT will not normally name individual corporate partners in our general, more permanent marketing and publicity e.g. annual reports, website home pages, signature case studies. 

Please let us know if you would prefer your organisation not to be highlighted in our marketing.

How might CYT engage with your corporate social media?

CYT can only engage with a corporate partner’s social media if the post is directly related to CYT’s work and/or is aligned with our charitable mission. For instance, we might retweet a partner’s post about a CYT activity (so long as it adheres to the guidance in these FAQs and supports the Charity’s key messages) or ‘like’ a partner’s post highlighting something relevant to our mission e.g. comment on youth unemployment figures.

Logos and other asssets

Can corporate partners use CYT assets, such as CYT/MRC logo, in your marketing, website, publicity or social media?

The answer is not straight-forward as it depends on the context. HMRC may consider a charity allowing a corporate partner to use charity assets, such as their logo, as creating a taxable supply. However, it would be permissible to use the CYT/MRC logo (or other CYT asset) if it is clearly contained within support for a CYT charitable activity (e.g. fundraising in aid of CYT; involvement in an activity). 

Here are some examples of when it would be permissible to use CYT/MRC logo and other assets: 

  • To promote or support a specific charitable activity or event organised by CYT
  • To promote or support an event organised, with our agreement, to support CYT
  • To raise awareness of the charitable work of CYT and enlist the support of volunteers, other companies or your wider networks to benefit the work of CYT – for example, a call to action
  • To fundraise in aid of CYT (where donors receive no significant benefit in return)

But it would be not be permissible to use the CYT logo or other assets for the following: 

  • Purely to build your credentials or sales as a business with no clear linkage to any permissible activities listed above 
  • To promote or sell your business, products or services (or anyone else’s)
  • As a stand-alone in your promotional material, website or packaging with no clear linkage to any permissible activities as listed above 

If you want to use the CYT/MRC logo for another purpose, not listed here as permissible, please talk to us beforehand.  You are very welcome to contact to discuss further.

Can corporate partners use photos of your work with CYT in your corporate marketing, publicity, website or social media?

Yes, so long as the use is clearly contained within support for a CYT charitable activity, as outlined in the permissible uses above. CYT images, such as photos from our sessions, would also be considered CYT assets, and would therefore be covered by all the same guidance as that for the CYT logo. 

Please note there are also additional GDPR/consent issues relating to images/photos where the identity of an individual is distinguishable, especially when children and young people are involved. Please do not take or share your own photos at CYT sessions, and only use any images supplied to you by CYT for the purposes which will be clearly stated by us at the time they are shared with you.

Supporting our work financially

Can corporate partners support CYT financially?

Yes, please! As a charity, our work totally relies on the generous support of our corporate, grant-making and wider partners.

You can donate through our bank account, please email for more information

Or through our Maddie Rose Campaign JustGiving page –

If you are donating to our work, please reference with your surname, organisation name and event if applicable. It would be great if you can also send an email to letting us know the amount and date of the payment, so we can ensure your generosity is properly acknowledged and processed.

Can corporate partners raise money in aid of CYT?

Yes, please! 

If you would like to raise money in aid of CYT, please contact us at  as it is important we have a formal agreement in place before you raise funds in aid of CYT. 

Proceeding with a fundraising activity in aid of CYT will be deemed as your acceptance of our terms and conditions. 

Can corporate partners raise money for CYT by contributing a percentage of our sales or profits as a donation (e.g. £1 for every book sold will be donated to CYT)?

If you would like to do this, please contact us at to discuss further in advance, as HMRC guidance around charities allowing a commercial business to use its name or logo in this way needs careful consideration.

Reporting on the impact of your involvement

Can CYT provide reports on the outputs, outcomes and impact of activities supported by partners?

Yes. For partners who offer significant funding to support specific projects or activities, we will normally agree in advance what monitoring and reporting is required to evidence the impact of your funding and what you have helped CYT achieve. This might include specific information that can be used to calculate social value or ROI. HMRC are clear that this kind of ‘good housekeeping’ does not constitute a taxable supply, including for our corporate funders. 

Depending on resources and as appropriate, we may be able to make reports and data produced for funders available to significant in-kind partners.

Can CYT provide a testimonial/quote about corporate involvement for a partner’s own marketing?

Yes, resources permitting, we may be able to offer testimonials/quotes for our significant partners, setting out a purely factual account of your involvement and support. We cannot, however, provide anything that could be construed as recommending or promoting your company’s business, products or services.

Please note– This guidance is intended for corporate partners. Some of the HMRC guidance differentiates between commercial partners and non-profit making bodies such as government agencies, charitable foundations and other charity partners and, therefore, some of the restrictions outlined above may not apply in these circumstances. Please contact us if you require further information.