Ollie hands on training benefits

Working as a builders’ merchant apprentice with Leeds-based commercial plumbing and pipeline merchant, Mathewson & Rosemond Ltd, Ollie Harper Nash has discovered a passion for hands-on, practical work. He wanted to do something that would challenge him beyond his comfort zone, and the apprenticeship has proven to be the right mix of practical learning and academic study.                                                                             

Harper Nash says of his working experience so far: “My responsibilities include overseeing document scanning, managing goods receiving, and providing valuable assistance to the warehouse manager. Of course, I have ambitions extending beyond warehousing and in due time I would like to explore other facets of the business, including sales, accounts, procurement, and e-commerce,” he adds.

 Harper Nash is learning the value of paying attention to detail and maintaining accurate data, recognising that even minor errors can have far-reaching implications. He is demonstrating growth in teamwork and has acquired an understanding of the diverse skill sets of his colleagues and how to work and communicate with them effectively to deliver a great team performance.

 Mentors Oliver Wilson and Cameron Smith – who are also his line managers – are guiding him through the intricacies of the business and  sharing their vast knowledge and expertise of the builders merchant sector. 

I’ve always preferred hands-on learning over traditional classrooms. The apprenticeship approach allows me to learn and apply the skills in a real-world setting. I can see immediate results and make a visible impact on the business.

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