Young people discover careers in the supplier and builders’ merchant sector through our Hidden Careers session

As part of the Maddie Rose Campaign, we have worked with professionals in the supplier and builders’ merchant sector to develop an interactive session that helps to highlight unknown careers in the industry and break down stereotypes of what these types of roles may be for young people.

The sessions were born out of the Maddie Rose Campaign, as Maddie herself a young woman, was the opposite of the stereotype of someone working in the construction industry.

At the start of July, volunteers from Genuit Group and Polypipe generously volunteered their time to participate in a Hidden Careers session at Compass School in Southwark. The aim of the session is for students to guess each volunteer’s role by asking only yes or no questions! Not only does this challenge young people to think about creative ways to find out the information they need, but introduces them to the breadth of roles available in the sector. Young people are often surprised to find there are roles such as marketing and finance director in the supplier and builders’ merchant sector.

It was a really engaging session and it was great to see the student’s building confidence and having such productive conversations with professionals from the world of work!– Ms Cogher, Teacher at Compass School.

On Maddie’s Day, the 22nd of September, we will be realising our Hidden Careers session pack, which will allow anyone who wants to deliver their own session to get involved, helping to inspire future generations of young people to find out about careers they did not know existed!

If you or your organisation would like to participate in a Hidden Careers session, please do get in touch. 

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